Discover the art of stunning lashes at The Garage Salon, where we pair captivating beauty with unmatched elegance.

Elevate Your Gaze

Your eyes are the focal point of your beauty and expression; with the right services, you can make them pop. Our expert lash artists are here to enhance the allure of your eyes with a range of approaches tailored to meet your desires and styles.

Luxurious Lash Services

Our experts customize every set of lashes to match your unique preferences, ensuring a personalized masterpiece. From the understated charm of classic lash sets to the captivating allure of hybrid lashes, our skilled technicians meticulously craft each style to enhance and frame your eyes, ensuring a look that effortlessly complements your beauty.

Our commitment to your lashes goes beyond the initial application. We offer essential maintenance services, including regular lash fills and gentle, safe removals, to ensure your lashes consistently look impeccable while maintaining their health and integrity. Discover the transformative power of lashes, where artistry and precision create stunning, effortless looks for every occasion.

Transform Your Lashes Today

Experience the captivating results of our professional lash services at The Garage. Schedule your appointment today and let us enhance your lashes, adding a touch of beauty and elegance.

Lashes FAQs

We recommend lash fills every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness and integrity of your extensions.

While mascara isn't necessary with lash extensions, you can use a water-based, extension-friendly mascara if desired, but it's essential to be gentle during removal.

Our lash materials and adhesives are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive eyes. We take extra care to ensure comfort during the application process.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of lengths, curls, and styles to tailor your lash extensions precisely to your liking.

We provide detailed aftercare instructions to help you maintain your lash extensions, ensuring they remain beautiful and long-lasting.

Revitalize Your Look: Experience the Ultimate Hair and Spa Transformation Today!

Enhance your lashes at The Garage, serving clients in Chehalis, Centralia, Olympia, and the surrounding Washington areas.

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